Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Job

After a long search and a few months of being completely broke I finally was able to get a new job. I quit my old job at the library back in April because I thought I had something lined up. I actually had a few things going for me but unfortunately they all fell through so I was stuck without a job for awhile. At times it was kind of nice. I slept in every day and pretty much had nothing to do but that quickly got old. I did a couple of weeks of EFY to give me a little money and kept up the job hunt.

I was finally hired at Provo Canyon School as a team coach. I'm basically like a mentor/counselor at a school from troubled youth. Most of the kids have had a tough time growing up; suffering from different mental disorders or behavioral problems. I'm excited for the opportunity I have to work with them and hopefully I'll be able to help.

My first day on the job was a "Handle with Care" training. There are times when the kids can start getting out of control and we have to learn how to help and/or secure them if necessary. We were also trained on what to do if they lash out at us. We learned a few ways to get out of being choked and how to block a punch and different things like that. We were also given a little handbook with helpful diagrams on how to get away if being attacked. I was flipping through the book and came across this gem:

This is what you do if someone is biting you. You grab their nostrils and pull up. I laughed pretty hard at the picture and found it to be very informative. So now you know what to do.

Anyway, my first few days have gone really well and I'm excited to have a job and hopefully help some of the kids out.


Linze Kate said...

I had to do crazy training session similar to that for my job last year... Chance worked in that arena too and actually found he had to use those techniques a few times - you should ask him about it. I only had to once...

You are gonna have a VERY rewarding summer... :) I'm glad you updated - don't make us wait till September for the next update.

James & Stephie Lynne Purcell said...

You probably should have handed them the book back and let them know that you've been receiving training for the past 7 years from Jack Bauer. That, however, might make you overqualified.

Lauren's blog said...

That picture just made my day

T. F. said...

at PCS you really will need to know those holds ... have you seen Camille yet? Be sure to pass along a hello from me :) See you next week for Ash's welcome home in SLC?