Thursday, October 23, 2008

Work in progress

This week has been pretty busy for me. I had a midterm for my political science class and a lot going on in BYUSA. We're just wrapping up all the homecoming activities that went on. I'll write about that later and put some pictures up. I'm working on making this blog look awesome and what better way to do it than by putting up a picture of Jack Bauer. There is no better way. Now I've got to make an awesome title thing with some pics and put some of those little side bar things on there.

Oh yeah. Here's the part of Jaws where it talks about Ben Gardner. Watch from about the 2 minute mark to about 5 minutes.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New blog and Sucky Sports Teams

I've got a midterm to study for so I figured it'd be a perfect time to make a blog. I've been wanting to make one for awhile now. I think my first desire to join the blogging world was during the Olympics. I really wanted to let the world know that I hate the Chinese gymnastics team. And the entire sport of synchronized diving. I'll probably post about that later. Anywho, here's my blog planet earth, enjoy.

This has been a crappy week in BG's sport life. First the Dodger's were eliminated from the playoffs. They had a pretty good year and I'm not too upset about it except for the part that they just rolled over and died the last two games of the series. Not much of a fight. BYU also lost tonight. TCU was the first team to figure out that our cornerbacks line up 10-15 yards off the line of scrimmage so they threw a bunch of short passes. And our defense is really slow. So we got killed. We went from being BCS National Champion hopefuls to maybe not even making the Las Vegas Bowl. Talk about a fall. Now my entire happiness is in the hands of the Los Angeles Lakers.

PS. A little trivia game for you, what movie does my blog title come from? And you can't Google it.