Sunday, November 30, 2008


So I just got back from Bakersfield CA, the center of the universe, for thanksgiving break and I had a wonderful time. I drove back last Tuesday and came back to Utah on Sunday. I pretty much just ate and slept all week. It was great. And my parents bought a Wii so that took most of my time. I definitely didn't do much homework so that'll be fun to catch up on.

This is a Bakersfield winter. No snow, no ice, just fog. Beautiful grey fog. When it got really foggy we'd have fog delays. Early morning seminary got canceled and school started 2 hours later. It was epic.

I got up at 3:30 friday morning to get in line at best buy. I bought a laptop and got a really good deal so it was worth it. It was nuts, so many people were there. Luckily no one pushed to get in and it was pretty calm, just really crowded. I also waited in line at best buy with a rapper from bakersfield named Lil' Heat.

The line went from best buy, past two other big stores and around the building.

My brother Brad observing the table. And apparently casting a spell on it.

My Dad cuttin the turkey, which was delicious.

Ultimate Frisbee

My freshman year at BYU I joined an intramural ultimate frisbee team with some guys in my ward. By mistake, we signed up for the top division. We didn't think it would be that big of a deal though since we thought we were all pretty good at frisbee. Our first game freshman year we threw off to start the game. We sprinted down the field to get our defense going and were able to knock down one of their first passes. I saw the frisbee get knocked down and headed to the endzone where someone hit me wide open for an easy score. 1 - 0. We were feeling pretty confident. Unfortanetly we that was our only score of the night and we lost 12-1. We then preceeded to get outscored 60-4 or something like that in the next few games. And so began my ultimate frisbee career.

We all went on our missions, returned, and formed the same team. We sucked again our sophomore year but we managed to win a regular season game and 2 playoff games. Hey, we're getting better.

This season started off as every other season. Signs of greatness but mostly just crappy defence and getting owned. We didn't win a game all season but since we didn't forfeit any, we made the playoffs. We were placed in the last (worst) division and I'm not sure what our seeding was but it was probably pretty low.

We won our first game by about 8 points and were really excited about the way we played. Good defense, good hustle, and lots of effective quick short passes. Our other strategy was to throw a hail marry. Didn't work too well but it was fun. Well with our new confidence and this great new strategy we dominated the playoffs and made it to the final four. The semi-finals were classic because it was freezing cold and snowing. Epic. We called it the Snow Bowl or something like that and we played great. To make a long story short, we lost in the semi finals, won the finals of the losers bracket and advanced to the final game where we lost 11-4. Despite the score, we matched up pretty well against the other team. The big factor was they had about 3 guys that were faster than all of us, and in a lot better shape than we were. They out ran us bigtime. Our cinderella run was over but we were pretty excited about our season and just like the Dodgers, BYU, Lakers, (basically all my favorite sports teams) there's always next year.

Team "Bronco for President"